Our story

London-based product and furniture designer Leonid Davydov recognises the inconveniences of modern life. Smaller living spaces need imaginative storage solutions that look good, perform well and go the distance. Working with a team of talented experts, Leonid has come up with a highly customisable, space-saving dotdotdot.frame made from hardwearing ash wood gained from sustainable sources. Happy trees make for happy furniture and ultimately a happier you, after all. 
Expertly made in London, each wooden beam has been carefully chosen to ensure that you only get the best quality piece. We mean this, if anything doesn’t look right, we’ll pull out all the stops to reach as close a level to perfection as possible. We’re an obsessive bunch for a reason though! The tiny details mean everything to us because we know they’re all a part of the bigger picture of keeping you completely happy with what you’ve bought.
From bookshelves for a busy family home to hallway organisers with somewhere to hang your hat, the frame comes with 96 holes and an expanding range of accessories. This gives you complete creative involvement when it comes to the construction of your product. You know your lifestyle better than anyone, so why not have the final say?  We insist!